Safe Haven by Tallulah Burns

Jasmine the heart-broken and Shaughnessy the breaker of hearts feel a connection from the first time they meet.

It was a cute story, but much of the story was overshadowed by too many descriptors that did nothing to add to the story line. The constant repetition of things throughout the story took also away from what could have been something more than ‘cute’.

The story started a bit slow, but when Jasmine opened the door to Shaughnessy when she was expecting someone else, her line was LOL funny and priceless. I was anxiously waiting more of this. Only to be disappointed.

In my opinion, it was like the author spent more time trying to come up with clever descriptors and witty words for things and emotions than on the actual story line. The story line could have been really good, but I felt it was more of an afterthought instead of the main focus.

The characters were not very well developed, pretty one dimensional, even the bad guy. The fact that Shaughnessy has red, or red-gold hair was mentioned sooo many times, that is pretty much all I remember about her.

2 stars

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