Looking for Ms Right by Jade Winters

Four friends looking for Ms. Right, or maybe even Ms. Right-Now?

Kemi is terrified she’ll never find The One.

Chloe, Kemi’s best friend, recently dumped by her lover, and not liking being alone.

Laura, ready to dump her husband because she wants more…only she’s not exactly sure what more is.

And Maddie whose lover has suddenly lost all interest.

All of these women are in search for a plan to boost their chances of the elusive Happily Ever After.

Kemi was my favorite character, she is someone I would want for a friend. Maddie and Laura are pretty cool too. You can feel their struggles and can’t help but root for them.

Chloe ends up being my least favorite, in fact by the end of the book, I didn’t much like her at all. While I can understand her issues and fears, but what she did to her ‘best friend’, I am not sure that I could ever forgive and forget, let alone keep up the friendship, yet these friends seemed to take it in stride.

It was a good read, but left far too many things hanging for my taste. I know this is only the first in a series, but I was hoping for a more satisfying ending. I will be buying the next in the series because I enjoyed the characters and I am curious to see how things go and which one find their Ms. Right.

A few typos and dropped letters, but not enough to take me out of the story. The only other negative thing I have with this book is the fact of using names that start with the same letter. It is a major pet peeve of mine. The characters were only minor ones, but it took me out of the story to see if it was the person I just read about or someone new.

4 stars.

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