Rescued by Adan Ramie

I’m always a sucker for a good animal story. And this one started out with good possibilities, but quickly went downhill the further along I read.

It starts with Chuck trying to save an abused dog, Stanley. He was in pretty rough shape with little to no hope of surviving. But Chuck was determined to do her best to save him.

Stella, who found and dropped the dog off, offers to help in any way possible. She works her magic to get donations and organizes an adoption/fundraiser for the clinic, that is in desperate need of funds.

I didn’t really feel the connection between the main characters. Chuck was all over the place with her feeling and out of left-field sexual thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue with sex being in a book, if it feels natural, but this all felt forced. Nothing natural about the connection or relationship between Chuck and Stella. The relationship between Chuck, her sister and her ex were again just surface relationships. I felt no real connection between anyone in the book.

2.5 stars

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