You’ve just crossed over to the Mori Zone…


The book gets 5 stars from me, but the author gets 10!

What if all your dreams—the good ones and the nightmares—came to life in the real world? That is the reality for Heaven, a Dream Weaver. When she wakes up, she never knows what will greet her, a sexy stripper or a monster from another dimension. She doesn’t mind the stripper part but the monsters she could live without. Her best friend introduces her to Maya, a Dream Catcher, in hopes of helping Heaven control her dreams, and the results.

Unfortunately for Heaven and Maya, there are several other parties interested in Heaven, and not to help her. They want to control her and her dreams, use her abilities for their own reasons. Time is running out for Heaven and she wonders who she can trust. Her growing feelings for Maya only add to her confusion.

The characters are well defined. I felt for Heaven and hoped that she could overcome the monsters before she became one herself. I couldn’t help but really like Maya either, a great character and what a tease she was! But like any good story, there has to be characters that you wanted to elbow check, and Annette delivered those too. Some really evil people that even Heaven’s scariest monster wasn’t bad enough for them. I wanted them to suffer over and over. She also threw in a couple middle of the roaders. Ones that I liked, then didn’t, then they redeemed themselves and I grudgingly like them again.

The romance was real and not rushed. It followed the story and developed as a real relationship would. No sex just for the sake of sex, and I really like that in a story. Although with all the interruptions, I was wonder if they ever would be able to consummate their love! Well played Annette.

This book is not your every day romance, but that is not a bad thing. It is a romance, but so much more is involved than just two people meeting and falling in love. The Mori Zone takes you and your mind to places that can’t be true…or can they?

This is not the first book I have read from Annette Mori, just the first I have reviewed. (More reviews of her books to come!) And I am not kidding when I welcome you to the Mori Zone. When said at the beginning of the Twilight Zone that you unlock this door with the key of imagination, that truly describes this amazing author! She could give Rod Serling a run for his money with this and many of her books. If you are looking for a fluffy romance, this probably won’t be for you. But, if you are looking for a well written, slightly out-there book that will keep you enthralled until the end, with some LOL humorous moments, and just the right amount of romance, then you definitely need to check out this book and Annette Mori!

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