Welcome to my review blog!

Welcome to my blog. As you can tell by the title, I am an avid reader. I love all types of books, but my favorite genre is lesbian fiction. Romance, action & adventure, sci-fi, paranormal, or intrigue, I read and love them all.

I will be reviewing the books that I spend most of my free time reading, the good and the bad. All the reviews I post are my opinion only, my beliefs and views I have on the book.  All of the reviews will be honest, not a trash-fest on an author or a particular book. It will touch on the content, characters, plot, flow, formatting and errors. I will have good and bad point on all the reviews. If I give a book 5 stars, there won’t be too many bad points, but if there is one, I will point it out. The same with a 1 star review, there had to be a reason I finished, so I will always try to give a positive thought on the book.


  1. Annette Mori

    Nancy Kaufman found this blog and I was so tickled….I totally dig the: “You’ve just crossed over to the Mori Zone.” Can I please, pretty please steal that phrase. It is so much better than describing my books as “quirky”…which they are, but not half as much fun as your descriptor! Thanks so much for the review on The Dream Catcher…I’m trying to think of it as the little book that can…I think it can, I think it can..break even!

    • Avid_R

      Hi Annette! You can totally ‘borrow’ the Mori Zone phrase, I think it fits your writing perfectly and plan on using it again when I review more of your books. Thank Nancy Kaufman for sending you my way.

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